Modular Farm Deployment Pilot


Based in Jacksonville, Florida, EDC3 contracted with TERRA to design and deploy Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in order to fulfill a strong demand for fresh produce needed by local school systems.  EDC3’s strategy was to deploy its project within Jacksonville city limits and promote social good by employing agriculture workers who are traditionally more challenging to employ.

EDC3’s project approach was to deploy a single proof-of-concept modular farm on their designated Jacksonville site followed by a larger-scale phased-in system deployed to achieve the CITYLIGHTS FARMS (CLF) project goals once validity of the proof-of-concept is confirmed.

The EDC3 team had researched CEA options and business processes and provided initial project requirements as primary stakeholders to Terra.

The CEA system included:

  • A Proof-of-Concept Phase
  • A proven return on investment
  • A turn-key solution
  • Scalable with varied options for energy and water supply
  • Initial training on CEA agriculture
  • Continued academic and technical support