Malibu, CA Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Deployment


Terra designed and deployed a clustered array of vertical axis turbines positioned near the wind channel portion of a high end property in Malibu, CA. This location provided a better chance for elevated wind speeds from a variety of directions, along with visual code compliance, and was positioned near the property’s primary utility line.


In this solution, Terra designed a deployed a cluster of five 3-meter units capable of producing between 1500 and 2500 watts in a 9m/s wind, which is the most popular customer choice for smaller uses and residences.  When used in a cluster array, they provide a reduced carbon footprint for a home or small business by joining several units to one inverter, and they are the perfect match between cost-efficiency and productivity.  In this configuration, we connected the system directly into the property’s utility infrastructure (no batteries necessary) to provide net-metering for energy credits. Thanks to their compact size, the turbines were easily installed on the ground.  Their blades were made of fiberglass, and they came with a powerful generator and a charge controller.  A grid inverter was also included since more than 3 turbines were bought together, and multiple color options were made available as well.