Leading The Global Economy into the Future by Accelerating Sustainable Businesses & Initiatives

Terra Axis’ mission is to scale sustainable products and solutions throughout the world.

Terra has assembled some of the leading minds in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics for the purpose of scaling impact driven, sustainable, STEAM focused solutions around the world.

Terra Axis’ goal is to amplify and accelerate the growth of sustainable businesses through its Terra Axis Growth Accelerator, alongside its own initiatives, by combining leadership in operations, product development, engineering, business and creative strategies with capital to deliver disruptive, scalable impact driven solutions.


Terra Axis helps change makers impact the world in a meaningful way.

Terra Axis works with and guides mature startups and scale-ups that align with its core values centered around bringing disruptive products and solutions to market, creating a multiplier effect within the Terra ecosystem, as well as a positive impact on our planet.

Terra partners are change makers with bold ideas and daring teams, determined to blast through any challenge that gets in their way in order to make big, positive impacts in their respective fields.

Terra Axis Services.

Design, Strategy, Development, Engineering, and Systems Integration
We work closely with entrepreneurs and institutions to design and deploy sustainable, green products and solutions.

The Terra Axis Growth Accelerator – A Sustainable Business Growth Program

We nurture start-ups and scale-ups as mentors, advisors, and investors with deep executional experience, sector expertise, and access to funding.

A world-class team to guide the innovators of our future.

Terra Axis was founded by seasoned industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors amplify the game changers and accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable world.